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Buffalo Grass. A perennial creeping grass with long stolons, forms a dense coarse mat, leaf shealths are prominently flattened. Buffalo grass grows naturally in coastal regions,always near the coast or some source of water. It grows in all types of soils. Also found inland as a lawn grass. factsheet 77 Stenotaphrum secundatum Buffalo, St Augustine grass Called "St. Augustine grass" and sometimes "carpetgrass" in the United States, "crabgrass" in Bermuda and the West Indies, "gramillon" in Argentina, "wiregrass" in St. Helena and "buffalo grass" in Australia, gaining its common name after the ship Buffalo that carried it to. S tenotaphrum secundatum is a long-lived, dark green, creeping, stoloniferous perennial grass that originated in North America and Africa. It has escaped cultivation in many Pacific islands including New Zealand where it is an environmental weed of closed forests, forest margins, open woodlands, coastal environs, pastures, gardens, disturbed sites and waste areas. Common name: Buffalo Grass, Soft Buffalo. Stenotaphrum secundatum Walter Kuntze APNI Description: Glabrous, stoloniferous perennials to c. 40 cm tall, culms branched, prostrate, becoming erect when flowering. Ligule a hairy rim; blade folded in bud, short and rigid, flat or. Stenotaphrum secundatum Walter Kuntze. PoaceaeSynonyms. Diastemanthe platystachys. Stenotaphrum dimidiatum secundatum Walter Domin. Stenotaphrum glabrum americanum Schrank Döll. Stenotaphrum sarmentosum Nees. Common Name: Buffalo Grass. Covering large areas of ground, the grass makes an effective. Buffalo grass is an evergreen.

Stenotaphrum is from the Greek stenos meaning narrow and taphros meaning a trench or pit and refers to the narrow, trenched seed head. Secundatum Buffalo Grass because it often grows abundantly in wet areas where buffalo feed in North America. Other Names. Crabgrass St. Augustine Grass. Faux kikuyu ou stenotaphrum secundatun: fiche descriptive de cette vivace couvre-sol. Stenotaphrum secundatun - Faux kikuyu. Nom commun: Faux kikuyu, nommé par les anglophones Buffalo Grass, St Augustine Grass Nom latin: Stenotaphrum secundatun Walt. Kuntze Famille: Poaceae. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Stenotaphrum, Buffalo Grass, Charleston Grass, St. Augustine Grass Stenotaphrum secundatum supplied by. Stenotaphrum is a widespread genus of plants in the grass family. The name is derived from the Greek words στενός stenos, meaning "narrow", and τάϕρος taphros, meaning "trench." It refers to cavities in the raceme axis. Species. Stenotaphrum clavigerum Stapf – Aldabra Island and Assumption Island both parts of Seychelles. Other common names variegated buffalo grass Family Poaceae Genus Stenotaphrum can be annual or mat-forming perennial grasses, sometimes evergreen, with linear to lance-shaped leaves and greenish flowers in flattened spike-like racemes in summer or autumn.

Stenotaphrum secundatum Walter Kuntze Show All Show Tabs St. Augustine grass. St. Augustine grass Stenotaphrum secundatum, also known as buffalo turf in Australia and buffalo grass in South Africa, is a warm-season lawn grass that is popular for cultivation in tropical and subtropical regions. It is a medium- to high-maintenance grass that forms a thick, carpetlike sod, crowding out most weeds and other grasses. Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Stenotaphrum secundatum - St Augustine Grass -- Discover Life. Buffalo grass – Stenotaphrum secundatum. Common name. buffalo grass. Scientific name. Stenotaphrum secundatum. Kingdom. plants. Class. Liliopsida monocots Family. Poaceae grass NCA status-EPBC status-Wetland indicator. Yes. Endemicity. Introduced - unknown origin. Further resources. Wildlife Online taxon-id 15006 - DES.

We do get a small commission out of these sponsors that helps financing the website. Let us know if you are satisfied or dissatisfied of their services, since obviously we are trying to advertise only for reputable garden supply companies. Buffalo Grass. Stenotaphrum secundatum. Family: Poaceae Origin: Tropical America, Africa General description. Strong, spreading grass. 50cm high, creeping stems. Dense, dull-green leaves, red-tinged, rounded tips. Thick red-brown stemmed seed head with row of seeds down each side. Habitats. St. Augustine grass Stenotaphrum secundatum buffalo grass grass. Nube de palabras de Stenotaphrum secundatum. El siguiente gráfico muestra una nube de una palabra acaso, sus sinónimos y con la frecuencia con que se utilizan las palabras. Palabras similares. Tus. Stenotaphrum secundatum at Wikispecies. Accessed 29 July 2015. The Plant List 2013. Version 1.1. Last accessed on Friday, March 11, 2016. WCSP 2016. World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. Facilitated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Last accessed on Friday, March 11, 2016. Stenotaphrum secundatum, llamada comúnmente pasto de San Agustín, es un césped popular en jardines de regiones tropicales y subtropicales. Con él se obtiene una superficie realmente ornamental cuando se logra mantener una buena cobertura.

  1. Stenotaphrum dimidiatum is known as herbe bourrique Madagascar; buffalo grass, and pemba grass. Morphological description. Stoloniferous perennial, forming dense leafy mat to about 20 cm, with ascendant, much branched culms to 50 cm. Forms dense turf when regularly mowed or.
  2. Stenotaphrum, genus of about seven species of low mat-forming grasses of the family Poaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. St. Augustine grass Stenotaphrum secundatum, also called buffalo grass, is cultivated as a coarse lawn grass in.
  3. St Augustine grass Stenotaphrum secundatum Walter O. Kuntze is a coarse, stoloniferous and creeping perennial grass. It develops quickly and forms dense leafy sods Cook et al., 2005.

Palmetto® Buffalo Stenotaphrum Secundatum ‘SS100’PBR SS100 Palmetto Buffalo grass is impressive due to its drought tolerance and great winter colour. It is a cold hardy Buffalo lawn, which is frost tolerant and holds winter colour longer than all other warm season turf varieties, including kikuyu and some buffalo varieties. 16/05/2011 · Here we take another look at 2 different turf grasses, that is, Kikuyu Grass [Pennisetum clandestinum] and Buffalo Grass [Stenotaphrum secundatum]. Kikuyu Grass has more of a lime-green colour in its medium Broad Leaf and its runners are thick-ish and lime-green in colour. Kikuyu, popular as a sports field grass has both Stolons. Click on image to enlarge. Pictogram Guide you may also see symbol definition in a pop-up window by mouse-pointing on pictogram.

factsheet 77 Stenotaphrum secundatum.

Stenotaphrum secundatum synonyms, Stenotaphrum secundatum pronunciation, Stenotaphrum secundatum translation, English dictionary definition of Stenotaphrum secundatum. Noun 1. Stenotaphrum secundatum - low mat-forming grass of southern United States and tropical America; grown as a lawn grass buffalo grass, St. 19/01/2015 · Media in category "Stenotaphrum secundatum" The following 118 files are in this category, out of 118 total. Buffalo grass 3125030368.jpg 3,264 × 2,448; 1.69 MB. 15/01/2017 · Hola amigos de SK Vivero. en este vídeo compartimos algunas recomendaciones del cuidado del grass americano Stenotaphrum secundatum. No olvides dejarnos tus comentarios y.

Variegated St. Augustine grass is a spreading cascading plant hardy to zone 9. Attractive foliage of green with white center rib occasionally has a tone of burgundy. A nice addition to. Bouteloua dactyloides, commonly known as buffalograss or buffalo grass, is a North American prairie grass native to Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It is a shortgrass found mainly on the High Plains and is co-dominant with blue grama B. gracilis over most of the shortgrass prairie. Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Stenotaphrum secundatum ‘B12’ Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has performance as good as any other buffalo turf, with the added benefit of a fine texture. A Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn has a colour that is truly amazing; its deep green colour will make your home lawn “the envy of the []. Buffalo grass Botanical Name. Stenotaphrum secundatum Family. Gramineae Poaceae grass family Where is it originally from? Tropical America and Africa What does it look like? Dense, mat-forming, coarse perennial grass with long, stout, usually.

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