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10 gram Meteorological Balloon Neck Size Comparison

As a result of the cessation of balloon production by Kaysam Worldwide Inc.  Many United States users will be switching to meteorological balloons made by Totex of Japan. 

The quality of the Totex balloon is very high due to the more modern methods of forming the balloons employed by Totex.  The neck sizes of the Totex 10 gram pilot balloon is similar to the commonly shipped Kaysam 10 gram balloon.

Samples of 10 gram Kaysam balloons purchased in June of 2003 were compared to samples of 10 gram Totex balloons obtained from Kaymont  a US distributor for Totex.  

The balloon necks were flattened and the with measured with a caliper.   The sample balloons were then fitted to a standard   U.S. Specification 10 gram Pilot Balloon Nozzle.

10 Gram Balloons:

Photo of measurement of a Kaysam 10 gram balloon neck showing 30mm Photo of a Totex 10 Gram Balloon neck being measured showing 29mm
Kaysam 10 Gram Neck Flattened Totex 10 Gram Neck Flattened
Photo of two 10 meteorolgical balloons, Kaysam Left, Totex Right Photo of two 10 meteorological balloons with necks flattened and overlapped
Both 10 gram balloons for comparison Both 10 gram balloons with necks overlapping
Kaysam 10 gram metoerological balloon on nozzle Totex 10 gram meteorological balloon on nozzle
Kaysam 10 gram balloon on nozzle Totex 10 Gram balloon on nozzle

In the photos above it is apparent that the Totex balloons can be used with the U.S. standard 10 gram balloon nozzle (44gram nozzle 1.5" O.D.).


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