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Warren-Knight Electronic Observation Theodolite 20-9000 Series

The model 20-9000 series is a platform of Electronic Observation Theodolites.  They are available in a myriad of custom configurations.  Options including encoder types, optical plummet, compass, micrometer divisions, erect or inverting image telescope, dual displays, heaters, and illumination can be configured to customer requirements.    The Model 20-9105 is pictured below.

wkdig1.JPG (69077 bytes)

The model 20-9105 has the same optical and mechanical tracking system as a manual theodolite (a user familiar with previous models will have no trouble operating it).   This model improves on previous generations by adding an LCD display and an RS232 serial data interface.  The angular presentation is user selectable to show degrees minutes and seconds with a resolution of 10 arc seconds, or decimal equivalent with a resolution of .001 degrees. 

Each instrument has been designed to accept motor drives and worm driven potentiometer and encoders, allowing new electronic theodolites to work with existing systems using the older theodolite configurations popular throughout the world.

The RS232 output allows single user operation and rapid setup.

For more information contact Richard Marron at Warren-Knight

Drive Type Positively Engaging Tangent Screw Compass Yes Fixed
Display Type LCD to .001deg.
RS232 data out.
Levels 2 plate,  bubble tube
Main Telescope 42 mm 21x 2deg. Mounting Detachable Tribrach
Finder Telescope 17mm 4x 10deg.
single eyepiece
Illumination backlit display LCD, reticule
Gun Site Yes 1, 2 way foldable pair, main telescope Weight (theodolite only) NA